Second Desalination Project, Bunbury/Binningup WA
Western Australia

In November 2009 Dempsey Australia Pty Ltd were contracted by the Southern Seawater Joint Venture to undertake the marine works…

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Company Profile

Barry Dempsey has drilled and blasted his way across Australia and South-East Asia, been involved in major mining projects, built causeways, dams and beach crossings, installed thousands of metres of pipeline, constructed a highway through the Malaysian jungle and, probably most notably, put the Sydney Harbour Tunnel together.  Throughout his more than 30 years in the business, Barry Dempsey has operated under on guiding principle – “do it right, do it once and do it well”.

It all started when Dempsey, a fitter and turner by trade, took up a position in marine construction of the Haypoint Coal Terminal – Australia's largest coal export terminal – at Mackay in Queensland.  It was here that Dempsey's keen interest and understanding of hydraulics prompted him to find a better way of using the equipment.  Direction by the engineers not to interfere served only to fire up Dempsey's determination to go his own way and prove his ideas.

In November 1975, he registered Construction Diving Services as a business name and a year later landed his first major contract as subcontractor for the roll-on roll-off wharf at Darling Harbour in Sydney. By applying here what he'd learnt from the Haypoint experience and setting up the hydraulics differently, Dempsey cut the time involved in the process by 80 percent, which meant huge savings on wages and other costs.

Since then, Dempsey has never looked back.  His remarkable ingenuity has seen him out-pace and out-perform the competition on numerous occasions.  He has personally developed new methods and technologies that have vastly improved efficiency and safety, including unique underwater coring and blasting rigs for building pipeline trenches or for drill and blast in harbours.

Developing underwater construction machinery that operates by remote control has also given Dempsey a competitive edge, allowing him to work in weather conditions that other operators wouldn't even contemplate.  Above all, Dempsey takes great pains with each project's plan of execution, devising a program to coordinate crews, supervisors, machinery and transportation for equipment and components all within a strict timetable.

With his hands-on approach and the company's growth, overseas, Dempsey is frequently away from his Mackay headquarters.  As a result, he relies on key personnel to ensure the continued smooth operation of the business.  Some have been with him for more than 20 years, most for at least ten – a testament to the loyalty and trust he inspires.

Whether it's open-cut mining, open-sea drilling or salvage operations, Barry Dempsey takes on daily challenges using the innovation and drive that has always been the foundation of his success.  No doubt he'll continue to do it right, do it once and do it well.